Cell length when grown on complex medium and different carbon sources

Range 2.2 to 3.9 Table - link μm
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Volkmer B, Heinemann M (2011) Condition-Dependent Cell Volume and Concentration of Escherichia coli to Facilitate Data Conversion for Systems Biology Modeling. PLoS ONE 6(7): e23126. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0023126 p.2 table 1PubMed ID21829590
Method The average cell size was determined from microscopic images of cells taken directly from steady state cultures. To facilitate image analysis researchers used fluorescence microscopy and cells expressing GFP from a plasmid under the control of the pykF promoter, allowing precise software-based measurement of both the long and short axis of the cells.
Comments Table also has data for cells grown under stress conditions and different dilution rates. Starved cells in stationary phase were 1.6µm long. E. coli K-12 strain BW25113. Tests with the strain MG1655 on a few selected conditions revealed comparable results.
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