Summary of cell types labeled by the dg4ii plasmid

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Organism Zebrafish Danio rerio
Reference Robles E, Smith SJ, Baier H. Characterization of genetically targeted neuron types in the zebrafish optic tectum. Front Neural Circuits. 2011 Feb 22 5: 1. doi: 10.3389/fncir.2011.00001. p.11 figure 10PubMed ID21390291
Method Abstract:"[Investigators] report the characterization of three previously unidentified tectal cell types that are specifically labeled by dlx5/6 enhancer elements. In vivo laser-scanning microscopy in conjunction with ex vivo array tomography revealed that these neurons differ in their morphologies, synaptic connectivity, and neurotransmitter phenotypes."
Comments p.11 caption to figure 10:"(A) Schematic of tectal anatomy and the relative sizes of the neuropil and primary retinorecipient laminae in the 5-dpf [days post-fertilization] larvae. Measurements: (1) the maximum length of the tectal neuropil in the plane of the synaptic layers. (2) The maximum thickness of the neuropil in the axis perpendicular to the synaptic layers. (3) The maximum thickness of the primary retinorecipient layers (SO [stratus opticum] + SFGS [stratum fibrosum et griseum superficiale]). Note that these are maximum measurements at the center of the neuropil and the neuropil thickness is reduced at the edges. (B) Schematic traces of the cell types labeled by the dg4ii expression system and relative position of tectal neurite arbors. Note that nsPVINs [non-stratified periventricular interneurons] an PVPNs [periventricular projection neurons] primarily arborize in laminae that are primarily non-retinorecipient, whereas bsPVIN [bistratified periventricular interneurons] dendrites specifically target the SFGS layer. Dendrites are color coded in blue, glutamatergic axons in green (including retinal afferents indicated by green shading), and GABAergic axons in red. (C) Summary of morphological features that distinguish the three cell types identified. Arbor depth indicates the most superficial extent of the arbor as measured from the dorsal surface of the SO. Arbor width is the maximum measured distance in the plane of the synaptic layers. Thickness is the maximum length measured in the axis perpendicular to the synaptic layers. Data expressed as mean ± SD." SGC=stratum griseum centrale. SAC=stratum album centrale.
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