Maximum number of replicases per RNA strand

Value 6.5 Replicases/ssRNA Range: 3-10 Replicases/ssRNA
Organism Poliovirus
Reference Regoes RR, Crotty S, Antia R, Tanaka MM. Optimal replication of poliovirus within cells. Am Nat. 2005 Mar165(3):364-73. Table 1 Table - link PubMed ID15729666
Primary Source 1) Baltimore, D. 1969. The replication of picornaviruses. Pages 101–176 in H. B. Levy, ed. The biochemistry of viruses. Dekker, New York (2) Richards OC, Martin SC, Jense HG, Ehrenfeld E. Structure of poliovirus replicative intermediate RNA. Electron microscope analysis of RNA cross-linked in vivo with psoralen derivative. J Mol Biol. 1984 Mar 5 173(3):325-40.PubMed ID2) 6199505
Method Ref-Authors construct a mathematical model of the within-cell replication of poliovirus. Primary source (2) Electron microscopy
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