Nuclear radius

Value 0.95 µm
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference M Milani et al, Differential Two Colour X-Ray Radiobiology of Membrane/Cytoplasm Yeast Cells, TMR Large-Scale Facilities Access Programme Technical report January 1998 University of Milan, Italy Table - link p.9/24
Method "In order to precisely characterise their morphological structure before irradiation (hence allowing a precise dosimetry), yeast cells have been analysed with different experimental techniques including: optical microscopy, TEM, X-ray microscopy and Coulter Counter. Researchers wanted to measure the cell average radius ro, the total membrane and wall thickness DS, and the nucleus radius rN."
Comments For nuclear diameter of ~2µm see Yanamoto et al., 2011 PMID 21897045 p.1713 left column top paragraph
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