Viscosity of water at 21°C

Value 0.9779 cP
Organism Generic
Reference Eggena P. Activation energy for water transport in toad bladder. Am J Physiol. 1983 Jan244(1):C44-9. p.C46 Table 3PubMed ID6401402
Primary Source Weast, RC (ed.). Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (56th edition), Cleveland, OH: CRC Press, 1976, p. F-49.
Method "Values for water fluxes are means ± SD. Matched hemibladders from 5 toads were filled with Ringer fluid and suspended in Ringer fluid containing 20 mU/ml vasopressin at 21°C. After 15 min bladders were fixed with glutaraldehyde, filled with distilled water, and suspended in a hormone-free solution of 232 mM mannitol and 1 mM CaCl2. Water fluxes were measured at 15-min intervals at temperatures indicated in the table and all fluxes were normalized to control values at 21°C. Values for viscosity of water taken from Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (primary source)."
Comments Viscosity is the ratio between the pressure exerted on the surface of a fluid, in the lateral or horizontal direction, to the change in velocity of the fluid as you move down in the fluid. cP=centipoise=0.001Pa×sec
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