Data on the concentration of components of human plasma proteins

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Krebs HA. Chemical composition of blood plasma and serum. Annu Rev Biochem. 1950 19: 409-30. p.416 table VIPubMed ID14771836
Primary Source See refs beneath table
Comments P.415 2nd paragraph to p.417 top paragraph:"Plasma proteins-The progress in the fractionation of plasma proteins has been reviewed in a recent volume of this series (ref 78) and need not be discussed in full. Only quantitative aspects of the concentration of the various plasma protein components are considered here. Data are given in tables V and VI, the former listing the concentrations of the main six electrophoretic fractions, the latter the main components obtained by the Harvard School (primary sources 82, 83) with the ethanol fractionation method. Of the 25 fractions or more, which Cohn and his team (primary sources 82, 83) have separated, those for which quantitative information on the concentration is available are included in table VI." See note beneath table
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