Complete clearance of IL-4 intracellular protein in Th2 cells

Value 24 hours
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Mariani, L., Schulz, E. G., Lexberg, M. H., Helmstetter, C., Radbruch, A., Löhning, M., & Höfer, T. (2010). Short-term memory in gene induction reveals the regulatory principle behind stochastic IL-4 expression. Molecular systems biology, 6(1). p.5 right column top paragraphPubMed ID20393579
Method Abstract: "Here, [researchers] study the interleukin-4 gene (il4) in T-helper lymphocytes, combining mathematical modeling with the experimental quantification of expression variability and critical parameters."
Comments P.5 right column top paragraph: "This short-term memory was not caused by IL-4 protein that had remained inside the cells from the first response because protein was cleared completely from the cells within 24h (Figure 4A, panel ‘Day 0 (24h after 1° stim.)’)."
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