Percent of the dry matter produced by plants accounted for by rhizodeposition products

Range ≤40 %
Organism Plants
Reference J.M. Lynch and J.M. Whipps, Substrate flow in the rhizosphere, D. L. Keister and P. B. Cregan (Eds.), The rhizosphere and plant growth, 15-24.© 1991 Kluwer Academic Publishers. p.15 abstract
Comments "The major source of substrates for microbial activity in the ectorhizosphere and on the rhizoplane are rhizodeposition products. They are composed of exudates, lysates, mucilage, secretions and dead cell material, as well as gases including respiratory CO2, Depending on plant species, age and environmental conditions, these can account for up to 40% (or more) of the dry matter produced by plants."
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