The N-end rule in yeast and in mammalian reticulocytes

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Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Gonda DK, Bachmair A, Wünning I, Tobias JW, Lane WS, Varshavsky A. Universality and structure of the N-end rule. J Biol Chem. 1989 Oct 5 264(28):16700-12. p.16703 table IPubMed ID2506181
Method "The use of ubiquitin-ßgal fusions to generate ßgal test proteins bearing different amino-terminal residues"
Comments "Using a new approach, which makes it possible to expose in vivo different amino acid residues at the amino termini of otherwise identical test proteins, [researchers] have found that, in the yeast S. cerevisiae, an important component of a protein’s degradation signal is remarkably simple and consists of the protein’s amino-terminal residue (Bachmair et al., 1986)". See notes above and beneath table
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