Length, width and volume of cardiac myocytes

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Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Bishop SP, Oparil S, Reynolds RH, Drummond JL. Regional myocyte size in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats. Hypertension 1979 1: 378–383 p. 381 table 2
Method Cell size determinations were done on 150 cells from each location (right ventricle, left ventricular inner half and left ventricular outer half) from each of six rats of each strain using a Science Accessories Graf Pen 3 sonic digitizer (resolution 0.1 mm) interfaced with a Hewlett Packard 9825A calculator.
Comments Note-volume ranges for myocytes in the left ventricle are 3-4×10^4µm^3 rather than 3-4×10^-4µm^3 as appears in table.
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