Duration of DNA injection to host cell

Value 30 min
Organism Bacteriophage phi 29
Reference González-Huici V, Salas M, Hermoso JM. The push-pull mechanism of bacteriophage Ø29 DNA injection. Mol Microbiol. 2004 Apr52(2):529-40.PubMed ID15066038
Method B. subtilis 110NA strain (trpC2, spoOA3, su–) , harbouring plasmid pPR55w6, a pUB110-derivative containing Ø29 gene 6, except where indicated. Infections were carried out with phage Ø29 sus14 (1242), a delayed lysis mutant with an otherwise wild-type phenotype , sus3 (91) a replication-null mutant, sus17 or sus16.7 (48)/sus14 (1242), replication-defective mutants. Bacteria were grown in LB broth supplemented with 5 mM MgSO4. Phleomycin, from Cayla SARL, was added to the medium at a final concentration of 0.8 µg ml-1.
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