Human molecular formula (empirical)

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference An encyclopedia of human thermodynamics link
Primary Source In any event, during this period of focusing on the query of what happens to a person at the point of death according to thermodynamics, a subject generally known as cessation thermodynamics, Thims began ruminate on how to go about calculating the molecular formula for an individual human, during which time, following several months of research, investigation, and searching for mass composition tables of humans, Thims eventually produced, similar to Sterner and Elser, a meta-analysis 26-element empirical human molecular formula as shown below: [4]
Method H2.5E9 O9.7E8 C4.9E8 N4.7E7 P9.0E6 Ca8.9E6 K2.0E6 Na1.9E6 S1.6E6 Cl1.3E6 Mg3.0E5 Fe5.5E4 F5.4E4 Zn1.2E4 Si9.1E3 Cu1.2E3 B7.1E2 Cr98 Mn93 Ni87 Se65 Sn64 I60 Mo19 Co17 V
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