Resistance of spores to UV radiation

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Organism Bacteria Bacillus subtilis
Reference Slieman TA, Nicholson WL. Role of dipicolinic acid in survival of Bacillus subtilis spores exposed to artificial and solar UV radiation. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2001 Mar67(3):1274-9. p.1276 table 1PubMed ID11229921
Comments "In response to environmentally relevant UV-B wavelengths, only wild-type PS832 spores showed no significant difference in their UV resistance between the wet and dry states (Table 1). In contrast, spores of both strains FB72 and FB108 were significantly more resistant to UV-B (four- and ninefold, respectively) when irradiated in suspension than when irradiated in the dry state (Table 1)." See notes beneath table
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