Concentration of microbial samples in accretion ice at a depth of 3,603 m in an ice core

Range 200 to 300 microbial cells/ml
Organism Microbes
Reference Price PB, Sowers T. Temperature dependence of metabolic rates for microbial growth, maintenance, and survival. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Mar 30 101(13):4631-6. p.4631 right column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID15070769
Primary Source Karl DM, Bird DF, Björkman K, Houlihan T, Shackelford R, Tupas L. Microorganisms in the accreted ice of Lake Vostok, Antarctica. Science. 1999 Dec 10 286(5447):2144-7.PubMed ID10591643
Comments Priscu et al. (ref 2) reported 10^3 to 3?10^4 microbial cells per milliliter in samples of accretion ice (refrozen from subglacial Lake Vostok water below the overlying glacial ice) at a depth of 3,590 m in an ice core from Vostok Station, Antarctica and Karl et al. (primary source) detected 200 to 300 per milliliter at 3,603 m. The high concentration was in a region containing rock fragments, and the low concentration was in ice without fragments.
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