Difference (∆A) in cross-sectional area of the MscS channel reconstituted into spheroplasts

Value 15 nm^2
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Haswell ES, Phillips R, Rees DC. Mechanosensitive channels: what can they do and how do they do it? Structure. 2011 Oct 12 19(10):1356-69. p.1358 right column top paragraphPubMed ID22000509
Primary Source Belyy V, Kamaraju K, Akitake B, Anishkin A, Sukharev S. Adaptive behavior of bacterial mechanosensitive channels is coupled to membrane mechanics. J Gen Physiol. 2010 Jun135(6):641-52.PubMed ID20513760
Method (Primary source:) Whole spheroplast MscS recordings performed with simultaneous imaging
Comments MscS=Mechanosensitive channel of Small conductance. For value of 10.6nm^2 between the open and inactivated states of MscS see ref p.1363 right column top paragraph
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