Nitrogen asssimilation flux at specific growth rate of 1.0hour^-1

Value 1.4 mM/s=mmole/(liter×s)
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Boogerd FC, Ma H, Bruggeman FJ, van Heeswijk WC, García-Contreras R, Molenaar D, Krab K, Westerhoff HV. AmtB-mediated NH3 transport in prokaryotes must be active and as a consequence regulation of transport by GlnK is mandatory to limit futile cycling of NH4(+)/NH3. FEBS Lett. 2011 Jan 3 585(1):23-8 p.23 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID21134373
Primary Source Bruggeman FJ, Boogerd FC, Westerhoff HV. The multifarious short-term regulation of ammonium assimilation of Escherichia coli: dissection using an in silico replica. FEBS J. 2005 Apr272(8):1965-85.PubMed ID15819889
Method Because some 14%(w/w) of cell dry weight is nitrogen (can be calculated from BNID 101800) and there is some 2ml cytoplasm/g dry weight (BNID 100044), a specific growth rate of 1.0h^-1 requires an N assimilation flux of 0.14[gN/gDW]×1.0[1/3,600sec]/14[gN/molN]/2[ml/gDW]˜1.4µmole/(ml×s)=1.4mmole/(liter×s) (primary source)
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