Late promoter activity, lysis time, burst size, assembly rate, and growth rate of phage lambda

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Organism Bacteriophage Lambda
Reference Shao Y, Wang IN. Effect of late promoter activity on bacteriophage lambda fitness. Genetics. 2009 Apr181(4):1467-75PubMed ID19171945
Method To study the effects of late promoter activity on phage life history traits and fitness, researchers constructed a series of isogenic phage lambda strains that differ only in their late promoter pR' sequences. The resulting late promoter activities ranged from 6 to 100% of the wild type's. The lysis times, burst sizes, and relative fitness were empirically determined for these strains.
Comments Researchers' results showed that the lysis time is more sensitive than the assembly rate to variation in pR' activity. However, except for the strain with the lowest activity, the relative fitnesses of all the other strains are not significantly different from each other.
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