Comparison of reported maximum dry cell weight (DCW) of miniature bioreactors for parallel operation

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Reference Puskeiler R, Kaufmann K, Weuster-Botz D. Development, parallelization, and automation of a gas-inducing milliliter-scale bioreactor for high-throughput bioprocess design (HTBD). Biotechnol Bioeng. 2005 Mar 5 89(5):512-23.PubMed ID15669089
Comments The classic parallel-operated bioreactor for process development is the shake flask (Bu¨chs, 2001a). Up to 16 parallel flasks can be run with pH control in fed-batch mode (Weuster-Botz et al., 2001a), but further parallelization on the basis of this technology seems difficult. Far more parallel experiments can be performed in shaken microtiter plates (MTPs) (Duetz et al., 2000 John et al., 2003 Minas et al., 2000).
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