Radii of gyration, hydrodynamic radii, diffusion coefficients and pH at various ionic strengths and pH conditions

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Organism Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
Reference Santos NC, Castanho MA. Teaching light scattering spectroscopy: the dimension and shape of tobacco mosaic virus. Biophys J. 1996 Sep71(3):1641-50.PubMed ID8874039
Method The light scattering apparatus was from Brookhaven Instruments, Inc., model 2030AT, equipped with a He-Ne laser (632.8 nm) and a 128 channels autocorrelator, where the last six channels are used for baseline calculation. The UV-Vis absorbance spectrophotometer was from Jasco, model V800. A Sigma 2K15 centrifuge was also used.
Comments Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is an RNA virus that infects plants, especially tobacco and other members of the family Solanaceae. The infection causes characteristic patterns (mottling and discoloration) on the leaves (thence the name). TMV was the first virus to be discovered.
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