Genome size

Value 1.56e+6 base pairs Range: Table - link base pairs
Organism Archaea Thermoplasma acidophilum
Reference Ruepp A et al., The genome sequence of the thermoacidophilic scavenger Thermoplasma acidophilum. Nature. 2000 Sep 28 407(6803):508-13. abstract, p.509 left column 4th paragraph & p.510 table 1PubMed ID11029001
Method "One of [researchers'] aims was to establish a strategy for sequencing microbial genomes in reasonable time without extensive infrastructure. This strategy ('shotgun primer walking') combines features of the statistical and directed methods."
Comments "Here [researchers] have sequenced the 1,564,905-base-pair genome in just 7,855 sequencing reactions by using a new strategy. The 1,509 open reading frames identify Thermoplasma as a typical euryarchaeon with a substantial complement of bacteria-related genes..." "The genome of T. acidophilum DSM 1728, one of the smallest among free-living organisms, consists of a single circular chromosome of 1,564,905 bp (Table 1 link )." p.509 right column top paragraph:"[Researchers] identified 1,509 ORFs in the genome (see Supplementary Information), of which over one-third have homologues in all three domains of life (see Supplementary Information). After manual curation, 823 ORFs (55%) were considered similar to functionally annotated proteins, 446 (29%) resembled hypothetical ORFs in other organisms, and 240 (16%) were not recognizably similar to other sequences in current databases ('singletons')."
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