Weight and length of body segments in standard man and woman

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Stanley Plagenhoef , F. Gaynor Evans & Thomas Abdelnour, Anatomical Data for Analyzing Human Motion, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Volume 54, 1983 - Issue 2 Pages 169-178, link p.177 table 9
Method Abstract: "Anatomical data necessary for the analysis of human motion are presented on the total living body segmented into sixteen parts. Cadaver data from Dempster (1955) are applied to water displacement data obtained on 135 living subjects (35 men and 100 women) to obtain the weight, center of gravity, and radius of gyration for the segmented extremities."
Comments P.176 right column 2nd paragraph: "Standardized Data For Biomechanical Analysis: Filming of a person performing a motion that is to be analyzed is usually done under conditions which do not allow body measurements to be taken. The person's height and weight can probably be obtained, so the Tables presented will allow the segment weights and lengths, centers of gravity, and radii of gyration to be calculated. To simplify the work of the analyst, who lacks anatomical data, a standard man and woman are presented in Table 9. This information is especially helpful when comparing motion patterns of two people. Any size person may be chosen and a similar table constructed from the percentages given." See notes beneath table
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