Average proportions of micro-Chla, nano-Chla, and pico-Chla within the 0–1.5 Zeu layer, for each trophic category, for stratified (S1 to S9), and mixed waters (M1 to M5)

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Reference Julia Uitz, Herve´ Claustre, Andre´ Morel, and Stanford B. Hooker, Vertical distribution of phytoplankton communities in open ocean: An assessment based on surface chlorophyll, Journal of geophysical research, Vol. 111, 2006, C08005, doi:10.1029/2005JC003207 p.18 table 6
Method Abstract: "[1] The present study examines the potential of using the near-surface chlorophyll a concentration ([Chla]surf), as it can be derived from ocean color observation, to infer the column-integrated phytoplankton biomass, its vertical distribution, and ultimately the community composition. Within this context, a large High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) pigment database was analyzed."
Comments P.14 right column bottom paragraph: "[57] Apart from a few exceptions, the vertical distributions in mixed waters of the micro-, nano-, and pico-[Chla] are practically featureless, at least within the considered layer. It is reasonable, therefore, to assume uniform profiles and simply use the results presented in Figure 9 (tabulated in Table 6), which provide the relative proportions of the micro-, nano-, and pico-[Chla] as a function of [Chla]surf. Linear interpolation between the categories by using the actual [Chla]surf value is sufficient."
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