Level of caloric restriction and resulting tumor incidence reduction

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Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Albanes D. Total calories, body weight, and tumor incidence in mice. Cancer Res. 1987 Apr 15 47(8):1987-92. p.1991 table 4PubMed ID3828987
Method Abstract:"The relation between total caloric intake, body weight, and tumorigenesis, as well as the independence of these effects from those of dietary fat, were evaluated using data from 82 published experiments involving several tumor sites in mice."
Comments P.1990 left column 3rd paragraph:"Tumor incidence reduction (i.e., experimental compared to control groups) generally increased with the degree of caloric restriction in these experiments that is, relative tumor incidence decreased with increasing restriction (Table 4). Despite reduced fat intake, the nine isocaloric experiments (eight of which involved mammary tumors in females) resulted in increased relative tumor incidence, although the 95% confidence interval overlapped zero, and the unadjusted mean showed a 5% tumor reduction. Proportionately greater tumor reduction was obtained through caloric restriction in the 7-40% range compared to more severe restriction, and the data from 18 experiments demonstrate efficacy at even the lower levels of restriction tested (i.e., 7-20%). Although not shown, the data also suggest that somewhat greater tumor reduction resulted among the "spontaneous" mammary tumor experiments compared to other sites."
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