Dimensions of chemoreceptor neuron

Range diameter 7-9µm: length 22µm: diameter of nucleus 4-6µm um
Organism Blowfly Calliphora vicina
Reference Dethier VG. The physiology and histology of the contact chemoreceptors of the blowfly. Q Rev Biol. 1955 Dec30(4):348-71. p.351 left column top of columnPubMed ID13290026
Comments P.351 left column top of column:"The remaining three cells within the sac [see below] are neurons. They are the only cells of the bundle which stain darkly with methylene blue (Fig. 20). One invariably stains less darkly than its companions. All three are approximately equal in size. The diameter is 7 to 9 microns the length, 22 microns the diameter of the nucleus, 4 to 6 microns." P.350 left column bottom paragraph:"Beneath each hair is suspended a conspicuous subhypodermal sac of cells (Fig. 2)." Keywords:cns,central nervous system,nerve cell,size
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