Biomass composition for a biomass protein content of 42%

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Organism Yeast
Reference van Gulik WM, Heijnen JJ. A metabolic network stoichiometry analysis of microbial growth and product formation. Biotechnol Bioeng. 1995 Dec 20 48(6):681-98. p.682 table IPubMed ID18623538
Comments p.687 left column bottom paragraph:"For all calculations, the biomass composition of yeast proposed by Verduyn et al. [ref 35] has been used. Similar to the approach of Verduyn et al. the protein composition has been obtained from Oura [ref 17], and the composition of lipids and RNA have been obtained from Bruinenberg et al. [ref 1] The biomass composition for a protein content of 42% is listed in Table I. For higher protein contents the amount of each individual amino acid synthesized was assumed to increase proportionally. Increase of protein content was assumed to occur at the expense of total polysaccharide content only, resulting in constant intracellular levels of RNA, fatty acids, and glycerol."
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