Theoretical estimates relevant to epidermal organization

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Organism Mammals
Reference Hoath SB, Leahy DG. The organization of human epidermis: functional epidermal units and phi proportionality. J Invest Dermatol. 2003 Dec121(6):1440-6. p.1444 table 2PubMed ID14675195
Method "The concept that mammalian epidermis is structurally organized into functional epidermal units has been proposed on the basis of stratum corneum (SC) architecture, proliferation kinetics, melanocyte:keratinocyte ratios (1:36), and, more recently, Langerhans cell: epidermal cell ratios (1:53)."
Comments "In testing the hypothesis that phi proportional structures and rate constants are applicable to the human epidermis, general theoretical estimates can be calculated on the basis of the empirical measures (Table II)."
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