Empirical measurements relevant to epidermal organization

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Organism Mammals
Reference Hoath SB, Leahy DG. The organization of human epidermis: functional epidermal units and phi proportionality. J Invest Dermatol. 2003 Dec121(6):1440-6. p.1441 table 1PubMed ID14675195
Method "The concept that mammalian epidermis is structurally organized into functional epidermal units has been proposed on the basis of stratum corneum (SC) architecture, proliferation kinetics, melanocyte:keratinocyte ratios (1:36), and, more recently, Langerhans cell: epidermal cell ratios (1:53)."
Comments "The empirical measurements listed in Table I can be used to estimate proportionate relations between cell compartments in normal skin. These measurements represent best estimates culled from the skin biology literature and are therefore mean values standing in for the remarkable heterogeneity of human skin. Despite the empirical origin of these measures, certain mathematical coherences can be discerned."
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