Duration of apoptosis in EGL cell of cerebellum following radiation of 0.25 Gray units (Gy)

Range 6-9 Hours
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Fritsch P, Richard-Le Naour H, Denis S, Ménétrier F. Kinetics of radiation-induced apoptosis in the cerebellum of 14-day-old rats after acute or during continuous exposure. Int J Radiat Biol. 1994 Jul66(1):111-7.PubMed ID8027607
Method Whole-body acute irradiations were performed at 14 days of age and continuous irradiations began at the same age. Two different 60Co sources were used . In EGL, apoptosis was scored in the fissure prima according to cytological criteria described in the results . A total of at least 500 apoptotic or normal cells were counted and, in most animals, the mitotic index was measured by scoring cells from late prophase to telophase . The distributions of apoptotic cells and mitosis were determined according to cell position within EGL. Position 1 corresponds to the most external cell layer (Figure 1) . Electron microscopy
Comments EGL=External Granular Layer
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