Decrease in soil organic carbon stock as a result of afforestation of native forests or grasslands

Range 10-13 Percent
Organism Biosphere
Reference Gr¨unzweig et al, Biogeochemical factors contributing to enhanced carbon storage following afforestation of a semi-arid shrubland, Biogeosciences, 4, 891–904, 2007
Primary Source Guo, L. B. and Gifford, R. M.: Soil carbon stocks and land use change: a meta analysis, Glob. Change Biol., 8, 345–360, 2002
Comments Afforestation of former cropland resulted in a mean increase of 18% in soil organic Carbon (SOC) stocks across various climatic conditions and forest ages, while planting forests on former native forest or grassland resulted in a mean decrease of 10–13% in SOC stocks (Guo and Gifford, 2002).
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