Diffusion coefficient of insulin in Maize arabinoxylan gel

Value 9.9 um^2/sec
Organism Generic
Reference Berlanga-Reyes CM, Carvajal-Millán E, Lizardi-Mendoza J, Rascón-Chu A, Marquez-Escalante JA, Martínez-López AL. Maize arabinoxylan gels as protein delivery matrices. Molecules. 2009 Apr 814(4):1475-82.PubMed ID19384279
Method The laccase induced gelation of maize bran arabinoxylans at 2.5% (w/v) in the presence of insulin or beta-lactoglobulin at 0.1% (w/v) was investigated.
Comments The apparent diffusion coefficient was 0.99 x 10(-7) cm^2/sec for insulin (5 kDa)
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