Example calculation of DNA macromolecular formula for A. acidocaldarius with 61.9% GC content, assuming a polymer length of 1 monomer

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Organism Bacteria Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius
Reference Ashley E. Beck, Kristopher A. Hunt, and Ross P. Carlson, Measuring Cellular Biomass Composition for Computational Biology Applications, Processes 2018, 6(5), 38, doi:10.3390/pr6050038 p.17 table 5
Method P.17 2nd paragraph: "Once formulas for individual macromolecules are calculated, model reactions can be quality control checked for balance of elemental formulas and degree of reduction to ensure adherence to the mass balance constraint required for stoichiometric modeling. Identification of imbalanced reactions can then be further investigated: often the issue can be traced to balancing of redox pairs or hydrolysis products, free protons, and water. Table 5 demonstrates the construction of a DNA macromolecule synthesis reaction for A. acidocaldarius, including the definition of monomer composition, polymerization energy requirements, and byproducts. The elemental and electron balances are included and validate conservation relationships [ref 32]. The Supplementary Materials contain a workbook for the major biomass macromolecules that can be modified for different biomass measurements (File S4)."
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