The effect of supplementation after chloramphenicol addition on synthesis of RNA by strain XXXV

Range Table - link µg CM-RNA/h/mg protein
Organism Bacteria Enterobacter aerogenes
Reference Fraenkel DG, Neidhardt FC. Use of chloramphenicol to study control of RNA synthesis in bacteria. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1961 Oct 14 53: 96-110. p.102 table IIPubMed ID13894423
Method "Chloramphenicol was added at 0 time to cultures in balanced growth in the medium indicated. 6-10 min later the culture was divided and the indicated supplement added to one portion. Incubation of both portions was continued and VCM determined in the usual way."
Comments "CM-RNA=ribonucleic acid made in the presence of chloramphenicol"
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