Population size (most numerous undomesticated bird on earth)

Range ~1.5 billion individuals
Organism Red-billed quelea Quelea quelea
Reference Bennett CE et al., The broiler chicken as a signal of a human reconfigured biosphere. R Soc Open Sci. 2018 Dec 12 5(12):180325. doi: 10.1098/rsos.180325 p.2 top paragraphPubMed ID30662712
Primary Source [9] Invasive Species Compendium. See link (accessed July 2017)
Comments P.2 top paragraph: "This population (of domesticated chickens, 22.7 billions) is an order of magnitude greater than the standing stocks of the most abundant wild bird species (red-billed quelea approximately 1.5 billion, house sparrow approximately 0.5 billion, rock dove approximately 0.25 billion [primary source]), other farmed birds (turkeys approximately 0.3 billion, geese approximately 0.3 billion, ducks approximately 1.1 billion [ref 6]) and farmed pigs and cattle (figure 1)."
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