Fraction of nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) neurons activated by gastric distension that show GluR1 immunoreactivity

Range ~30-40 % of activated NTS neurons
Organism Unspecified
Reference Berthoud HR, Neuhuber WL. Functional and chemical anatomy of the afferent vagal system. Auton Neurosci. 2000 Dec 20 85(1-3):1-17 DOI: 10.1016/S1566-0702(00)00215-0 p.12 right columnPubMed ID11189015
Primary Source H.-R. Berthoud, T. Earle, H. Zheng Distribution of NMDA and non-NMDA glutamate receptors on caudal brainstem neurons with vagal input from gastrointestinal mechano- and chemoreceptors Soc. Neurosci. Abs. (2000)
Comments P.12 right column: "There is also pharmacological evidence for the non-NMDA ionotropic ampa/kainate receptor [N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor](Willis et al., 1996), and [investigators] have found GluR1 immunoreactivity in about 30–40% of NTS neurons activated by gastric distension (primary source)." Please note-link to primary source is broken
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