Overall biomass composition accounted in GEMs (Genome-scale metabolic models)

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Organism Yeast
Reference Meiyappan Lakshmanan, Sichang Long, Kok Siong Ang, Nathan Lewis, Dong-Yup Lee, bioRxiv preprint first posted online May. 28, 2019 On the impact of biomass composition in constraint-1based flux analysis, link p.13 figure 1c
Method Abstract: "Here, [researchers] investigated the qualitative and quantitative aspects of biomass equations from GEMs of eight different yeast species."
Comments P.5: "[Investigators] also examined the source of biomass composition used in each GEM to assess their quality. Several components were borrowed from one model to another with S. cerevisiae being the common ancestor (Figure 1B). Inevitably, such heavy cross-referencing of macromolecular components led to overall biomass composition with a very similar level of resolution (Figure 1C)."
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