The genes of Mycoplasma genitalium categorized according to function and whether or not they were disrupted by transposon mutagenesis

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Organism Bacteria Mycoplasma genitalium
Reference Peterson SN, Fraser CM. The complexity of simplicity. Genome Biol. 2001 2(2):COMMENT2002 p.6 figure 1PubMed ID11182883
Comments P.5 right column bottom paragraph: "If [investigators] examine gene disruption data in terms of the functional roles of the genes in the cell, [they] are able to gain some additional insights about minimal genomes. The group of genes for which [they] recovered by far the largest number of disruptive insertions is the group of unknown function (Figure 1)… By examining the data shown in Figure 1, [they] can see that not all functional roles in M. genitalium are equally dispensable: some functional systems are closer to minimal than others."
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