Width or diameter of microfibrils in hair

Range ~7 nm
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Robbins, Clarence R. Morphological and macromolecular structure, pp.1-38, chapter 1 in the book Chemical and physical behavior of human hair / Clarence R. Robbins.-2nd ed (2002) p.22 4th paragraph
Comments P.22 4th paragraph: "Microfibrils: As indicated above, the macrofibrils in human hair contain subfilamentous structures called microfibrils (microfilaments), arranged in spiral formation in the cortical cells. The radius of each spiral, the macrofibril, is approximately 4,000 angstrom units [ref 59 BNID 116474], and the width or diameter of a microfibril is close to 70 angstroms (see Figure 1-7)."
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ID 116475