Density of terminal hairs in a normal healthy scalp

Value 223 terminal hairs/cm^2 Range: 175 - 300 terminal hairs/cm^2
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Robbins, Clarence R. Morphological and macromolecular structure, pp.1-62, chapter 1 in the book Chemical and physical behavior of human hair / Clarence R. Robbins.-2nd ed (2002) p.8 2nd paragraph
Primary Source [102] Barman JM, Astore I, Pecoraro V. The normal trichogram of the adult. J Invest Dermatol. 1965 Apr44: 233-6PubMed ID14282465
Method Primary source p.233 left column 3rd paragraph: "The density of hairs, thickness of shaft and growth rate were estimated by means of a 60Xmicroscope system, with reflected illumination, applied directly over the scalp. The microscope was equipped with an ocular micrometer, calibrated for 1/40 mm, which allowed measurements of thickness as well as post-shaving lengths: another ocular micrometer with calibrated area of 1/25 cm^2 was used to count hairs in a given area."
Comments P.8 2nd paragraph: "The normal scalp will contain about 175 to 300 terminal hairs per square centimeter [primary source]." Primary source p.233 left column bottom paragraph: "Density of the hair population of the scalp: Considering each scalp as a whole, in both sexes and within the age of the subjects under study, there is a wide range in density of hair population (175 to 300 hairs per cm^2), with an average of 223, S.E. 4 (Graph 1A). Parietal and occipital regions show similarities. Frontal and crown regions, while not showing a significant difference in a given subject, are different for the group (Graph 1A and 1B)."
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