Interspecies comparison of BAL (bronchoalveolar lavage) differential cell counts (percent) in rat, hamster, monkey and human

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Organism Mammals
Reference Krombach F, Münzing S, Allmeling AM, Gerlach JT, Behr J, Dörger M. Cell size of alveolar macrophages: an interspecies comparison. Environ Health Perspect. 1997 Sep105 Suppl 5:1261-3 p.1262 table 1PubMed ID9400735
Method Abstract: "Resident AM [Alveolar Macrophage] from CD rats, Syrian golden hamsters, cynomolgus monkeys, and nonsmoking, healthy human volunteers were harvested by standard bronchoalveolar lavage procedures. Morphometric analysis of alveolar macrophage was performed using a flow cytometer that generates volume signals based on the Coulter-type measurement of electrical resistance."
Comments P.1262 middle column bottom paragraph: "The BAL differential cell counts are summarized in Table 1. In all species studied, the cells recovered by BAL were greater than 90% AM. The low numbers of neutrophils (< 4%), eosinophils (< 2%), and lymphocytes (< 5%) strongly indicate that AM were obtained from healthy, non inflamed lungs in each species studied. The relatively high number of mast cells detected in the BAL from cynomolgus monkeys appears to be a species-specific phenomenon, as reported previously (refs 7,14)."
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