By the end of the first postnatal month corticospinal conduction velocities reach

Range 12 - 20 m/sec
Organism Cat
Reference Hildebrand C, Remahl S, Persson H, Bjartmar C. Myelinated nerve fibres in the CNS. Prog Neurobiol. 1993 Mar40(3):319-84 p.368 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID8441812
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Comments P.368 right column 2nd paragraph: "During postnatal weeks 4 and 5 the conduction velocity of feline corticospinal fibres increases greatly, and they become able to maintain sustained activity (primary source, Huttenlocher, 1970). By the end of the first month conduction velocities reach 12-20 m/sec, the corticospinal tract is electrographically close to mature, and the dendritic pattern of large corticospinal pyramidal neurons has attained an adult configuration (primary source)."
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