Environmental parameters on Mars and Earth surfaces

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Reference Verseux et al., Sustainable life support on Mars – the potential roles of cyanobacteria, International journal of astrobiology, Volume 15, Issue 1 January 2016, pp.65-92, link p.76 table 1
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Comments P.76 left column 2nd paragraph: "In recent experiments, a decreased atmospheric pressure (50 kPa instead of the ambient 100 kPa) negatively affected the growth of cyanobacteria from several genera (Qin et al. 2014). But this was performed under ambient gas composition and, like atmospheric pressure, atmospheric composition matters. CO2 and N2 are present in Mars's atmosphere but their partial pressures differ from Earth's (see Table 1). Mars's higher-than-Earth pCO2 (6.67 versus 0.38 hPa) might actually be beneficial: elevated levels of CO2 can have a fertilizing effect on cyanobacterial cultures (Murukesan et al. 2015)."
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