Mass density of cytoplasm, nucleoplasm & nucleolus

Range cytoplasm & nucleoplasm 1: nucleolus 2 g/cm^3
Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Heyden & Oritz, Investigation of the influence of viscoelasticity on oncotripsy, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Volume 314, 1 February 2017, Pages 314-322, link p.316 top paragraph
Primary Source [21] U. Moran, R. Phillips, R. Milo Snapshot: Key numbers in biology Cell, 141 (2010), pp. 1-2 doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2010.06.019 [22] G.D. Birnie Subnuclear Components: Preparation and Fractionation (first ed.), Butterworths Inc., Boston, MA (1976)PubMed ID20603006
Comments P.316 top paragraph: "Finally, both the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm are assumed to have a mass density of 1 g/cm^3 [primary source 21], whereas the density of the nucleolus is set to 2 g/cm^3 [primary source 22]."
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