Average cellular and nuclear volume

Range cell 0.497mm^3±3%: nucleus 0.00775mm^3±2% mm^3
Organism Amoeba Proteus
Reference Prescott DM. Relations between cell growth and cell division. I. Reduced weight, cell volume, protein content, and nuclear volume of amoeba proteus from division to division. Exp Cell Res. 1955 Oct9(2):328-37. p.331 top paragraphPubMed ID13262045
Method P.329 5th paragraph: "Growth in protein and volume were followed by making measurements on groups of synchronously growing amoebae fixed at known points of the cell cycle." P.336 bottom paragraph: "The growth in weight of single amoebae over the life cycle was measured by means of the Cartesian diver balance."
Comments P.335 bottom paragraph: "It should be noted that the cytoplasmic/nuclear volume ratio (Fig. 4) is the same just before and after division, rises during the growth period and falls sharply during the predivision period." P.331 top paragraph: "The average nuclear and cytoplasmic volumes determined by measurements on 184 newly divided cells (post-telophases) are given here with standard errors: nuclear volume, 7750µ^3±2 per cent, cell volume, 497,000µ^3±3 per cent." See BNID 107214
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