Yield factor for sugars, polyhydric alcohols and paraffins in heterotrophic bacteria

Value 1.1 g biomass/g substrate carbon
Organism bacteria
Reference JD Linton & RJ Stephenson, A preliminary study on growth yields in relation to the carbon and energy content of various organic growth substrates, FEMS Microbiology Letters, February 1978 DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6968.1978.tb01891.x link p.95 left column top paragraph
Primary Source [3] GH Bell, Yield factors and their significance, Process Biochemistry, 1972 - Elsevier Sci Ltd
Comments P.95 left column top paragraph: "The factors that influence the yield of heterotrophic bacteria, when growing on a single carbon substrate in a mineral salts medium, and under conditions of substrate limitation, are of considerable importance. Previously, attempts have been made to correlate this yield value with the energy potentially available in the growth substrate [refs 1,2] and the total energy taken from the growth medium [ref 2]. A constant yield factor of 1.1 g biomass/g substrate carbon was reported for sugars, polyhydric alcohols and paraffins, but yields on carboxylic acids were considerably lower [primary source]. The lower yields observed on these more highly oxidized substrates were attributed, in part, to growth-inhibitory effects of the carboxylic acids, and a "correction factor" had to be applied [ref 4]."
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