Size of rumen bacteria

Range 0.3 to 50 µm
Organism bacteria
Reference Yokoyama MG, Johnson KA: Microbiology of the rumen andintestine. In The Ruminant Animal: Digestive Physiology and Nutrition, Edited by: Church DC. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Waveland Press1988: pp.125-144. p.126 left column 2nd paragraph
Comments P.126 left column 2nd paragraph: "A system of differentiating these rumen bacteria according to morphological divisions is described by Ogimoto and Imai (ref 37). The rumen bacteria are assigned to groups according to three main shapes (cocci, rods, and spirilla), according to their size (which generally ranges from 0.3 to 50 µm) and according to their different structures (including the presence of a cell envelope, cytoplasmic structures and surface adherents or appendages)."
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