Energy input rate (W) for volume regulation in cells

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Reference John A Raven. The energetics of freshwater algae energy requirements for biosynthesis and volume regulation, New Phytologist, Volume 92, Issue 1 September 1982 Pages 1–20 DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.1982.tb03358.x p.10 table 4
Comments P.11 3rd paragraph: "[Investigators] may note that the minimum thermodynamic costs of flagellar function in [their] hypothetical cell (Table 1) are considerably less than the minimum thermodynamic costs of contractile vacuole function (Table 4) a similar difference is seen for a comparison of mechanistic costings." P.16 2nd paragraph: "Conclusions and implications: (1) The minimal (thermodynamic) energy input rate for contractile vacuole operation is an order of magnitude less than that for cell wall synthesis as a means of volume regulation in otherwise comparable micro-algal cells (Table 4). (2) The mechanistic estimates of the power consumption for volume regulation by contractile vacuoles and by cell wall generation are very similar (Table 4)."
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