Elastic area expansion modulus for several lipid and lipid/cholesterol systems, and areas per lipid molecule

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Reference D. Needham, Cohesion and permeability of lipid bilayer vesicles, chapter 3 in Permeability and stability of lipid bilayers, ed. E. Disalvo and S. Simon (CRC Press, 1995) p.64 table 1
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Comments P.63 top paragraph: "With changing composition, the average rupture stress increases with increasing cholesterol [Figure 12(A)] and reflects the almost linear decrease in area per lipid molecule as cholesterol condenses the bilayer (Table 1). The critical areal strain [Figure 12(B)] increases, reaches a maximum, then decreases with increasing cholesterol. [Investigators] have recently measured much stiffer membranes (Table 1), and the trend is for stiffer membranes to expand the least, sometimes as little as 1% at failure." See abbreviations beneath table
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