Frequency of cells in mitosis in a population of cells (mitotic index, MI)

Range rapidly-proliferating cell populations ≤10%: slowly-proliferating cell populations ~0.1% %
Organism Unspecified
Reference J. H. Hendry & D. Scott, Loss of reproductive integrity of irradiated cells, and its importance in tissues, in Perspectives on mammalian cell death. C. S. Potten (ed.). Oxford Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1987. P.160 bottom paragraph
Primary Source Wright, N. and Alison, M. (1984). The biology of epithelial cell populations, Vols I and II. Clarendon Press, Oxford
Comments P.160 bottom paragraph:"The frequency of cells in mitosis in a population of cells is the mitotic index (MI). In rapidly-proliferating cell populations the MI can be as high as 10 per cent, and in slowly proliferating populations the MI can be extremely low, down to at most about 0.1 per cent as in thyroid, liver, and kidney epithelium (primary source)."
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