Fast axonal transport in dorsal root ganglion cell

Range ≤5µm/sec (equivalent to ≤432mm/day)
Organism Cat
Reference Vale RD, Schnapp BJ, Reese TS, Sheetz MP. Organelle, bead, and microtubule translocations promoted by soluble factors from the squid giant axon. Cell. 1985 Mar40(3):559-69. p.559 left column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID2578887
Primary Source Lasek, R. J. (1968). Axoplasmic transport in cat dorsal root ganglion cells as studied with 3H-leucine. Brain Res. 7 360-377.PubMed ID5639601
Comments P.559 left column 2nd paragraph:"A variety of cells transport organelles through their cytoplasm (Schliwa, 1984). This phenomenon is thought to be the basis of fast axonal transport in neurons (Smith, 1980 Tsukita and Ishikawa, 1980) where organelles are transported great distances, over one meter in some animals, between the cell body and the nerve terminal (Grafstein and Forman, 1980). Fast axonal transport is directed towards, as well as away from, the nerve cell body at rates of up to 5 µm/sec in mammals (primary source)."
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