Rate of axoplasmic transport in sciatic nerve

Range dog 260mm/day: cat 431mm/day mm/day
Organism Mammals
Reference Ochs S. Rate of fast axoplasmic transport in mammalian nerve fibres. J Physiol. 1972 Dec227(3):627-45. p.628 top paragraphPubMed ID4119621
Primary Source Lubinska, L. & Niemierko, S. (1971). Velocity and intensity of bidirectional migration of acetylcholinesterase in transacted nerves. Brain Res. 27, 329-342. & Ranish, N. & Ochs, S. (1972). Fast axoplasmic transport of acetylcholinesterase in mammalian nerve fibres. J Neurochem. 1972 Nov19(11):2641-9.PubMed ID4101562, 4117554
Comments P.628 top paragraph:"Using double ligated nerve to assess rate of accumulation of acetylcholinesterase (AChE), a rate of 260 mm/day in dog sciatic nerve was determined by Lubinska & Niemierko (1971 1st primary source). More recently, [investigators’] study of AChE transport gave a rate of 431 mm/day for cat sciatic nerve (Ranish & Ochs, 1972 2nd primary source)."
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